11/2014: We opened the Shelter Building in May 2012 with 9 USED dog kennels, and we were thrilled to have them!

But after another 2 1/2 years of use, the kennels needed to be replaced.  We patched and wired and rigged. Doors wouldn't latch, dogs were getting loose...

​​​A BIG THANK YOU !! to the following DONORS:

​Allred’s Pharmacy & Gifts
​Rick and Nancy Akin
Hazlehurst Garden Club
Hood Petroleum
Jay and Margaret Druetta
Kathy Cassell
Renate Huntington
Watson Quality Ford
Judy Middleton
Petfinder Foundation

12/2014: Volunteers installed 10 of these nice, new FUNCTIONAL Large Kennels! Pictured below...

We still plan to add 4 new Small Kennels

Update 9/2015:  All of the Kennels have now been donated! 

Update: 12/2015:  The 4 new Small Kennels and one Large Kennel were installed at the Shelter Work Day in November.  These 5 Kennels were donated by a grant from Petfinder Foundation and CAS purchased them locally.