ADOPT- open your heart and home to an animal. Please see the "ADOPT" page here on the website for our available animals, and current information on adoption fees, and CAS Adoption Form.​  You'll also see available animals on facebook.com/copiahanimalshelter .

HOLD YOUR OWN FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER FOR COPIAH ANIMAL SHELTERNow YOU can set up a FUNDRAISER on YOUR Facebook page for COPIAH ANIMAL SHELTER, and the donations are paid directly to CAS from Facebook. The individual does NOT receive the money. Invite your friends to support Copiah Animal Shelter. See HOW TO get started below.  Consider requesting donations to help the animals in place of birthday gifts, for example.
Facebook deducts a 5% fee, but it's a convenient way for people to donate online.  Donors will receive a receipt. Choose to donate privately. Donors also have the option to share their email with CAS.  For more information while you're logged in to your Facebook, click on FUNDRAISERS and see ABOUT OR EXPLORE.  Or go to Facebook Help and search Fundraisers.


FOSTER AN ANIMAL - Our Shelter is small.  Having great foster homes for animals can help save more animals' lives.  You volunteer to care for an animal at your home while it is waiting to come into CAS, or the pet may get adopted without ever coming into the Shelter.  We also need fosters for mama dogs/cats with puppies/kittens.  Please call CAS to find out more about being a Foster Home for an animal. 601-954-6447.

MEMBERSHIP - join other animal lovers and show your support for the Shelter.

-- KROGER COMMUNITY REWARDS:  Please register your Kroger card and help Copiah Animal Shelter - NPO number LM459.  (Please note this is a NEW Organization Numberfor CAS updated by Kroger 8/2018).  Simply register online at krogercommunityrewards.com

(You keep your rewards - Kroger matches a portion of what you earn for donations to CAS.)

Note: Kroger requires that you RENEW your designation to CAS as your charity annually!

SPREAD THE WORD -  some ideas to help people learn about Copiah Animal Shelter:
-- Sign up for CAS email on our HOME page or email us directly:  copiahanimalshelter@yahoo.com
-- Add a link to our website and Facebook, etc in your email, FB posts, etc:  copiahanimalshelter.net      facebook.com/copiahanimalshelter 
-- Share flyers, newsletters, and send links to friends for promotions and events we send in email, or are here on the website and the CAS Facebook page.

DONATE - go to the "Donate" page here on the website for more details on monetary donations, or click on this BUTTON to DONATE now:

-- AmazonSmile:  AmazonSmile donates .5% of your purchases to Copiah Animal Shelter.  Look for our official name "Copiah County Animal Shelter, Inc.  Go to this link for CAS:  https://smile.amazon.com/ch/45-4930893 

RECYCLE-  give us your ink and toner cartridges, old cell phones, ipods, tablets, iphones, etc.  We recycle and earn a small commission.  Find CAS drop-off boxes at the following stores/business:  our local newspapers - the Meteor in Crystal Springs and the Copiah County Courier in Hazlehurst. Bring to the CAS 3rd Monday Monthly Meeting, or drop off at the Shelter or next door at All About Animals Vet. Clinic in Crystal Springs. 

SHOP -  

Please support our LOCAL businesses first!  Many local businesses help CAS with donated products and services. And we shop local for most of our supplies.

And here are other Partner programs to earn donations for Copiah Animal Shelter​:

SPONSOR A PET -easily sponsor a specific pet by clicking on their listing on our ADOPT or HOME Page.  See the "Sponsor [Pet's Name]" button when you open their description/photo. Your donation is processed by Petfinder.com and sent to Copiah Animal Shelter. You can also Sponsor a Pet on the DONATE page of our website; click the form where it says "Write a note" and enter the name of the pet you wish to Sponsor.

--  iGive.com:   http://igive.com/copiahanimalshelter

iGive is a free charitable giving service.  More than 1,800 STORES DONATE a portion of your purchases to CAS.  Sign up is easy.  Link to your favorite stores, starting at www.igive.com/copiahanimalshelter , then shop as you normally would.  Or download (optional) the iGive Button, which shows you when iGive is enabled at participating stores.  Check iGive for coupons/discounts.  iGive sends donations earned directly to CAS.  Look for sign-up bonuses, too.  A few of the Stores:  Best Buy, Office Depot, Ebay, flowers, travel sites, magazines, Apple, AT&T, Lowes, QVC... (7/2016 Amazon is no longer on iGive,  See AmazonSmile above.)

 So give iGive a try and help the animals at Copiah Animal Shelter!

VOLUNTEER- We Love our Volunteers!  Please go to the "Volunteer" page for details.

-- LOCAL EVENTS:  Stop by the Copiah Animal Shelter booth at local events (see the EVENTS Page here on the website for the schedule).  Donate for t-shirts, and other fundraising merchandise.

GET INVOLVED to Help the Animals at Copiah Animal Shelter!!

Wondering what you can do to help?  Here are some ideas - pick a couple that you like and get started now!!   :)

(The underlined Words are links to that page)

DONATE A KURANDA BED - Give the Gift of Comfort for dogs and cats.  Your donation will be shipped directly to Copiah Animal Shelter.  Click on the photo, or use this link: kuranda.com/donate/11705

There are many ways to donate to CAS - other ideas:
             Click this link:  MORE WAYS TO DONATE

Thanks  so much for helping!!

I CARE FOR ANIMALS CAR TAGS - Copiah Animal Shelter has benefited multiple years from grant funds from Mississippi's I Care for Animals Car Tag Program!  Available at your county courthouse. 

How do I create a Facebook fundraiser?
You can create fundraisers for charitable organizations and personal causes on Facebook.
To create a fundraiser for a charitable organization:
1. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed
2. Click Raise Money
3. Select Nonprofit/Charity.
4. Select a charitable organization, Copiah Animal Shelter, choose a cover photo and fill in the fundraiser details
5. Click Create

How do I invite people to donate to a fundraiser?
To invite people to donate to a fundraiser:
1. From the fundraiser, click Invite.
2. Click Invite next to the friends you want to invite to contribute to the fundraiser.

You can also start a Fundraiser directly from the Copiah Animal Shelter Facebook page.  Click on Fundraisers on the left column and then RAISE MONEY.  You can view current individual fundraisers.


WISH LIST - when you're out shopping, please pick up extra items and drop off at CAS.  The less CAS spends on basic supplies and time shopping, the more we can devote to animal care.  

Thank you!

DONATION JARS- you'll find CAS donation jars at multiple local businesses.  If you are a biz owner and would like to support the animals with a jar, please call the CAS phone:  601-954-6447.