About Copiah Animal Shelter

Copiah Animal Shelter (Copiah County Animal Shelter, Inc.) is a nonprofit, volunteer-based, limited intake animal welfare organization.  CAS provides shelter and medical care to lost and abandoned animals in Copiah County, Mississippi (MS), and adjacent communities, until permanent placement can be arranged through pet adoption.  We also:

 -- attempt to reunite pets with their owners

 -- find homes for unwanted animals through adoption

 -- spay/neuter animals prior to adoption to help reduce overpopulation

 -- educate the community about the effects of overpopulation 

 -- educate the community in the prevention of abuse/neglect of animals

Where It All Began

The need for an animal shelter has been discussed in the past; however, Dr. Beckey Holifield put the idea on wheels and got it rolling.  Calling together others with the same concern, the first meeting was held in June 2011, and CAS was officially founded in July.  Seven Board Members were elected. The first animal adoptions were in October 2011.  Founding Secretary/Treasurer Jayne Wells had previous shelter experience, and was instrumental in helping Copiah Animal Shelter get off to a great start.

Dr. Holified:  "As responsible citizens, we need to provide an animal shelter and rescue program based upon the humane treatment of animals and the understanding that homeless animals, especially dogs and cats, suffer as a result of having no food, shelter, or from injury sustained while straying.  They also may suffer from infestation with internal and external parasites, and diseases needing medical attention.  Such parasites and diseases can infect a large community of pets and domestic animals."

Copiah Animal Shelter (Copiah County Animal Shelter, Inc.) received 501c3 nonprofit approval in September 2012, which allows us to apply for private foundation and government grants. CAS is "community-sustained" -- operating solely on donations from the community, membership dues, small adoption fees, fundraising efforts of volunteers, and applying for grants.  We have already been awarded several small grants for Shelter animal spay/neuter, and TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) for feral cats in the community. Copiah Animal Shelter currently receives NO city or county funding.  

In May 2012 we modified a building, on the grounds of "All About Animals Veterinary Clinic" in Crystal Springs, MS, for a starter home with 9 inside kennels and space for 2-3 cats in our "Cat Corner". Several foster families also house animals on a temporary basis. In 2015 with some rearranging, local donations, and a grant, CAS replaced the aging kennels and added several small new kennels to bring capacity up to 15. Copiah Animal Shelter is raising funds for land and buildings designed for animal care and for facilitating adoptions; location unknown at this time.

All the help CAS receives is from dedicated people who volunteer their time and talents to make it all come together.  It is a large undertaking; however, with the continued support of local agencies, business, and private citizens, Copiah Animal Shelter has become a reality and is making a positive difference in the lives of homeless animals!